Objective Fact

I am reading this book–“Atlas Shrugged”.    It was published back in 1957.    It amazes me at how closely it parallels life today.    There are two sides to the story.   Those who believe everyone should get the same and share and share alike.   And, then there are those that believe if you work hard you earn your own living.

In reading this book, I often wonder if this is Washington’s Bible.    It seems that both the Democrats and Republicans are reading this book.    And the extreme differences of opinions of the characters represents so well the reason why no one in Washington politics can compromise.

But the part that struck me was the media and how it worked in this book.    The same as it works today.   There is one mention in the book of what the press believed and it was summed up by an editor in the book–There are no objective facts.    All reporting of facts are really just someone’s opinion.     How very true that is.     In so many things I truly try to report just the facts.   However, I do have to recognize in reporting the facts that I do tailor it to meet my opinion.   It’s a unconscious thing.   It’s human nature.

It’s because of this nature that many people who do not believe in God can question the Bible.    Did it really happen like that?   Or was it shaped to that person’s opinion.   For instance, I recently caught part of a show on the History Channel about the Bible.   The show was talking about how God sentenced Moses and those who were escaping to wondering the desert for 40 years for not having the faith that God was taking them to valley of milk and honey.    This show states that they no longer believe that these people actually wondered the desert for 40 years.  It was more of an analogy that God did not allow them into the Promised Land.   God basically condemned them to death before they ever got there.    This was their punishment for not having faith–death.

If that’s an analogy that means the same thing then what is the modern day press corp doing to our nation and beliefs?    How many times do they stir up things and contort the facts to their own opinion and saleability of a story?   Look at what they did to the Trayvon Martin case.    They actually were causing turmoil.    What has happened to the conscious of the United States?    Have we lost our faith and are we wondering in the desert?

Some points to definitely ponder the next time there is a big story to consider.

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